I cannot remember a time when I was not making music. During childhood, my first and favourite toy was the piano.

The marvellous experiences of listening to my parents and many other musicians, always looking for truth and perfection, the advice and stimulus of so many great interpreters, made me feel that it is a duty to pass on that respect and love for the deepest and most universal of human languages.

After my parents, the biggest influences in my musical life were conductors like Erich Kleiber and Hermann Scherchen, with whom I had the great honour to play at a very young age, as well as Sergiu Celibidache, who gave me unforgettable lessons.

My great master Claudio Arrau., followed my development as a pianist since I was a child. When I became seventeen he taught me for several years, and has remained my example for life.
He taught me never to imitate, but to become a mature musician seeking my own way. Currently, many musicians follow media-driven values, not only in their lives but in their art. I have tried to pursue another order of values.

To understand as deeply as possible the works we interpret, we must immerse ourselves in the cultural and human context of each composer.This constant search, is our daily, fascinating task.

In concerts and master classes I try to express my deep gratitude to destiny for making possible this wondrous life in music

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